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What is the Festival of Churches?

Munslow Church

Building on the success of 2013, when almost 250 churches took part the festival will run from 6 September – 21 September. This is a period of time, in which you can organise an event to encourage visitors to come and enjoy special occasions and activities in the life of your church or chapel. The event can be of any duration and does NOT have to run for the whole period of the festival. Much will depend upon the size, location, facilities, capabilities and a happy dedicated band of volunteers to help you unlock the story of your church and community. The festival aims to attract visitors to raise much needed funds for your church or parish and share with the Historic Churches Trust; to help attract overnight visitors into your community and support local tourism businesses.

What can you do?

Get busy and get planning! Keep it simple and keep within the capabilities of your church and  community. Do however look for that unique ‘something’ that makes your church and  community special or different and that will open doorways and welcome visitors.

Get Onvolved In The Festival

Last year the range of events included:

  • Exhibitions of objects, relics and curiosities that had been hidden away.
  • Stories of politics, intrigue and courage.
  • Displays of family history, records and local memories.
  • Celebrating the festival with concerts, picnics, and curry events.
  • Talks and exhibitions of famous people connected to the church.
  • Poetry reading.
  • Organised guided tours.
  • Held events for children, creating craft days, learning to play an instrument.
  • Joining with other close churches for a joint event.

What support will you get?

  • No longer working on your ‘own’ by becoming part of a sharing, supportive and giving festival ‘community’.
  • Free marketing of your festival events on and in the festival events guide and other promotional material.
  • Free workshops to help you plan and market your event

What does your church or parish need to do NOW if you wish to take part this year?

Let the festival know that you are planning to participate by completing and returning the event form.


Download Event Form (.docx)   Launch Online Event Form