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The Festival of Churches is committed to conducting our activities in a manner that safeguards the health, safety and well-being of the general public, colleagues, and the communities in which we operate and live. We believe that excellence in health and safety and well-being enhances our activities and social performance through the minimisation of losses and liabilities.

To ensure that this is achieved and that the Festival of Churches is a good experience for all, we need to accept, so far as is reasonably practicable, our duty of care responsibilities for each other.

Festival of Churches Visitors

The Festival of Churches also aims to provide exceptional visitor care through positive, confident and friendly approaches.

In this section you will find information relevant to planning your event.

 Welcoming Visitors (.pdf 5MB) 
 Church Safety and Insurance (.pdf 500kb)
 Sense of Belonging (.pdf 1.3MB)
 Church Event Report (.pdf 50kb)
 Advice To Churches (.pdf 70kb)
 Festival of Churches Poster Template (.pdf 1MB)
 Festival of Churches 2013 Brochure (.pdf 1MB)
 An Introduction to Social Media for Churches (.pdf 265kb)
 Social Media Tip Sheet (.pdf 76kb)
 Marketing Presentation from June workshops (.pptx 5MB)
 Marketing Handout from June workshops (.pdf 133kb)

The Festival thanks the presenters for their valuable contribution.

Specific information for general health and safety and food safety can be found on:
The Event Safety Guide can be downloaded free. This is a large document but is an excellent reference tool when planning an event of any size.
An easier to read web friendly version of the second edition of the Event Safety Guide.
Information on the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995.

Local Authorities also give helpful and friendly advice on specific health and safety queries.

Risk Assessments

Your event should have a simple Risk Assessment that safeguards the health, safety and well-being of the general public and colleagues. This may already be included in your church or chapel Risk Assessment. If not a simple one needs to be done.

Churches Tourism Groups

Visiting churches and chapels can enhance the visitor appreciation and enjoyment of a county.
Herefordshire and Shropshire both have Churches Tourism Groups. On behalf of members, each publishes a brochure and has a web site. The brochure is distributed widely throughout the region.

Shropshire & Herefordshire Churches Tourism Groups

Should your church wish to become a member of either group please contact for further information.

Shropshire Churches Tourism Group Website

Herefordshire Churches Group Website